Antonio – DJ Passive is a true technician with a big heart.  That’s because he started his DJ journey in the competitive and challenging world of turntablism – where you have to put everything out there.  His kung-fu like training laid the foundation and freedom to literally spin whatever is thrown at him.  He has chosen for his installment for DUB a genre he is passionate about – Drum and Bass – and you should know this is not your ordinary average D&B set.  He not only showcases his hermetically sealed skills, his tone is melodic and anything but passive.

Episode 8: Antonio Cole – DJ Passive (Mix &Tracklist)

      Camo & Krooked                          Change Me (Submorphics Remix)                                     
      Logistics                               Back 2 U                                                          
      Camo & Krooked                          Change Me (Submorphics Remix)                                     
      mSdoS                                   Lazy Saturdays                                                    
      Flaco                                   Choose Me (insiders remix)                                        
      Total Science                           Soul Patrol (feat. MC Conrad)(Marky & S.P.Y)     
      MsDos                                   San Francisco Cable Car                                           
      Original Sin                            Dayz                                                              
      Die & Break                             Deep Search                                                       
      Krome & Time                            The License Break Remix                                           
      mSdos                                   Old Good Feelings                                         
      Total Science & S.P.Y ft Kevin King     Past Lives                                                        
      S.P.Y                                   By Your Side (Logistics Remix)                                   
      Zero 7                                  In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y. Remix)                       
      DJ Marky & S.P.Y                        Mystic Voyage                                                     
      DJ Marky & S.P.Y                        Mystic Sunset                                                     
      Allied Force                            Summer Madness                                                    
      Zero Tolerance & Beta 2                 5 Spot                                                            
      Random Movement                         Psychedelic Drainpipe                                             
      Makoto featuring Deeizm                 Untold (Remix)                                                    
      Nu-Logic                                Sundown